Carlisle Equality Group and the Fight Inequality Alliance International Day of Action

Today we took action along with thousands of other activists and campaigners internationally to raise awareness of inequality issues.

The Carlisle Equality Group are newly founded by the University of Cumbria and Carlisle One World Center to tackle local inequality.

Today we set up a stall in Carlisle City Centre full of flyers, statistics, books and activities to raise awareness. It was great to chat to people about their experiences of inequality and hear the frustration at it and sense of bewilderment at what to do about it.

After the stall we joined Sustainable Carlisle’s monthly discussion group to talk inequality. It was a rich discussion generating great ideas to promote the issues locally.

Surprising how similar the issues are in raising awareness of inequality as climate issues.

– Lots of people are unaware of the issues

– Lots of people believe there is no issue, following right wing press

– Those that acknowledge it are too overwhelmed to do anything about it

– However in the climate debate the victims, animals are seen as innocent victims whereas the victims of inequality, the poor are somehow seen to deserve what they get and be vilified for their poverty.

This all produces a complicity with the system. We need a new narrative, a new story as George Monbiot would call it, to get us out of this capitalist, extravtivist, neoliberal, inequitable mess.

It’s been wonderful to spend a day discussing what this alternative might be and how to bring it about.

Drop me a line to join us at an open monthly Carlisle Equality Group :

Check out the University of Cumbria events pages too for two talks on inequality – 27th Jan and 11th March.


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