Carlisle Equality Group

We thought you, your organisation, colleagues or the people you support might be interested in this new Carlisle focussed group.


Who are Carlisle Equality Group?

The Carlisle Equality Group welcomes anyone along who is interested in working towards greater equality and social justice in the area. We have a broad range of members and concerns reflecting the wide range of economic, material, social, educational and health inequalities in this area. The group has been convened by Professor Kaz Stuart from the University of Cumbria and Adrienne Gill from the Carlisle One World Centre and is a collaborative and cooperative endeavour with the members equally deciding on events and activities. The group is affiliated to the Equality Trust and works towards equitable social change in the Carlisle area. More can be found about the Equality Trust here:


What is the Inequality Awareness Event?

On the 18th of January the Carlisle Equality Group are running an inequality awareness event. We will have an interactive stand in the market place in Carlisle displaying key statistics and infographics about inequality and providing engaging activities about inequality for families to take part in. The stand will be open from 10am till 12pm in showing support for the Fight Inequality Alliance international event that day. More can be found about the FIA here:

Please join us to:

·   Understand how inequality impacts on us all

·   Hear more about this local group

·   Connect with local people interested in the same issues

·   Find support for an inequality you may be experiencing

·   Find out how you can support a more equitable society.

What can I do?

We would be very grateful if you could come along to support on the day, send us any leaflets you may have that we could give out (to the address below), email us any statistics about inequality you are aware of in your area to add to the display, send on to your members and contacts.


You may also be interested in these other events:


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor: Determinants of Social and Health Outcomes

Join us for Professor Kaz Stuart’s inaugural professorial lecture on the wide range of factors that lead to inequitable outcomes for our children and young people.

27th January at 4.30pm in the University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street, Learning Gateway Lecture Theatre.

To register for this event please contact:


How Social Mobility Is and Isn’t Working: The Carlisle Story ; 
Join us to hear from Wanda Wyporska, Director of The Equality Trust explain how social mobility is failing in society today, particularly in Carlisle.

11th March, 4.30pm in the University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street, Learning Gateway Lecture Theatre.

To register for this event please register here: 


Carlisle Equality Group Next Open Meeting: 2nd March 2020 5pm in Skiddaw Building First Floor Room 5 (SKF05).


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