Hiding behind stereotypes

person looking at graffiti
Photo by FOI International on Pexels.com

I’m just reading Blackman and Rogers (2017) text on youth marginality. As ever, several statements jump off the page at me. Here is one to consider:

“For MacDonald (1997, p.6), negative labels that describe youth marginality are ‘an ideological red herring which divert attention from the real causes of poverty and the real problems faced by the poor’…. Marginal, underclass, precariate, yobs, hooligans, disconnected, disposed, socially excluded, feckless, rabble, scum, zonards, outsiders, lumpen proletariat, disadvantaged, vulnerable. The proliferation of these labels, according to Wacquant (2008, p.245), ‘speaks volumes on the state of symbolic derangement afflicting the fringes and fissures of the recomposed social and urban structure’” P.7

What is the answer to this, what can we individually and collectively do to change these stereotypes so that the true issues are revealed and young people are treated like human beings?


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